8 Benefits of Yoga for Men

Yoga in the West is often believed to be just an exercise mainly for women. This is simply not true, everyone can benefit from some time spent performing yoga. Here we’ve highlighted eight of the best reasons for men to engage with this ancient exercise tradition.

1. Core Strength


When you look at some of the poses a yogi might perform it can become clear that success with more advanced yoga positions (or asana) requires incredible core strength. This sort of strength isn’t only useful for your rippling abs, it will also help you in your day-to-day activities regardless of what you set out to do.


Even entry level poses will test your abdominal and lower back muscles in unexpected ways and make for a completely different experience than your usual exercise.


2. Flexibility

Yoga = Flexibilty

A lot of men are stiff enough that touching their toes has become a challenge. If you regularly practice yoga and keep with it, you’ll soon find that your limbs move more smoothly than you’ve ever experienced before. The usual brand of static stretches during a warm-up only covers a few isolated muscles, but with various asana you’ll find yourself challenged in new ways.

When you rise to meet that challenge, I can guarantee you’ll find yourself amazed at the overall benefits to your movement and joint health. Being able to touch your toes again is just the beginning.

3. Relieve Stress

Yoga can relieve stress

Do you find that your busy daily routine is wearing you down? Pencil in twenty minutes of yoga before your stressful day and you’ll quickly find yourself more calm and


Keep at it for an extended period, and you’ll be amazed at the stress and anxiety free path which you will move on through your daily life.

4. Prevent Injury


As a side benefit to your newfound flexibility and core strength you’ll find that it’s harder for your joints and muscles to get injured or strained. You can still hit the weights, but soon you’ll find that the aches and pains that come with the iron game begin to melt away. You’ll be able to push yourself harder without fear of yet another injury taking you out of the gym.

When you take care of your body, it will take care of you and allow you to push yourself to even greater levels of physical success without fear of injury.



5. Relieve Pain

Yoga has been proven by multiple sources to help relieve joint pain, and in particular the blight of lower back pain. Many hard working men suffer from lower back pain to some degree, whether from physical labor or just too many hours hunched over papers and keyboards.

As you advance on your yogi path you’ll marvel as the aches and pains of yesteryear fade away, greatly improving your quality of life.

6. You’ll Just Feel Better

Yoga for men = Feel good

This benefit is more abstract, but plenty of anecdotes from men who practice yoga around the world will attest to it. You will just plain feel healthier than you ever have before. Your energy levels will increase monumentally, and you’ll be more able to enjoy all the great things that you love even more.


Your endurance and overall feeling of well-being will improve and you’ll be generally more in tune with your body. It’s hard to find an exact quantification, but once you experience it for yourself you’ll never want to stop.

7. Whole Body Fitness

Yoga = fitness/yoga  for men

Let’s face it, even the most complete gym routine often has glaring holes. After a serious session of yoga you’ll notice muscles you never knew you had before, making it the perfect complement to your normal routine. Muscles like the serratus anterior that only see minimal use in most fitness regimens will suddenly be tested in new and exciting ways.

Your body has a lot of muscles that receive little strain but are vital to your health, and as these supporting muscles become stronger you’ll notice the difference in every move you make.

8. Sleep Better

Sleep like a lion

One of the less known benefits of regular yoga practice is that you’ll sleep better. Your regular practice will consistently lower cortisol levels in your brain, and cortisol is widely known as a “stress hormone.” This nasty little chemical is responsible for the anxiety and burn out you feel after too many long days grinding away and it’ll keep you awake at night.


By reducing the level of this hormone in your brain, your night’s slumber will come easily and be of much higher quality. You’ll awaken feeling well rested, and ready to leap into your day.


​No Excuses Not to Try


If you’re looking for something to boost physical performance and reduce stress give yoga a shot. The simple, stress-free, and sometimes challenging exercises contained within the yoga tradition are sure to boost performance in all areas of your life and leave you feeling great all the time. Whether it’s your primary exercise or just a supplement to your normal routine it’s time to look into these amazing exercises. You’ll feel and look better in no time.


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